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WEEE Forum

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In April 2002, UFH joined forces with five other systems to establish the association of European collection and recovery systems for electrical and electronic equipment, the WEEE Forum. The 27 EU member states have implemented the EU Directive in their national laws in very different ways. The WEEE Forum strives to develop uniform, Europe-wide standards and to optimise the return of waste equipment.

The non-profit association currently has 34 members. As a founding member and the only Austrian system in the WEEE Forum, UFH is deeply involved in the further development of uniform, Europe-wide standards and certifications related to the collection, recovery and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and the continuous improvement of the level of quality.

The benefit for our customers

UFH’s customers can rest assured that their waste equipment is disposed of in an exemplary manner. In addition, their participation in the system helps to further solidify the position of their companies and of Austria as responsible partners when it comes to environmental protection.

WEEE Europe

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WEEE Europe AG was founded in Munich in 2013. WEEE Europe’s members are the largest and most important disposal systems in Europe. WEEE Europe AG helps its customers to fulfil the legal obligations defined by the EU WEEE Directive (WEEE = waste electrical and electronic equipment) and the various national implementations in efficient processes. The range of services also includes recovery solutions for batteries.


Stark in Europa

UFH has been a member of WEEE Europe AG since February 2015 and can serve the Austrian market in this position.

The benefit for our customers

WEEE Europe enables us to offer added value for producers on a cross-border basis: We provide you with access to disposal solutions for WEEE and batteries at the European level. The complex, country-specific requirements for the disposal of WEEE and batteries often represent a significant challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. With Europe-wide service, WEEE Europe AG offers the best disposal solutions from a single source – thanks to extensive knowledge of the legal framework in Austria and other important European countries. It optimises and simplifies the process of fulfilling the various requirements for the disposal of WEEE and batteries in Europe.


EucoLight Logo

EucoLight is the name of the newly established European association of collection and recovery systems for waste lamps and lighting, which is based in Brussels. The association is tasked with representing the interests of recycling systems that specialise in the lighting sector – as well as their customers – at the European level. UFH is a member of the association and thus represents your interests whenever far-reaching decisions are made that affect the industry.

The amendment to the WEEE Directive has a much bigger impact on the lighting sector than any other segment of industry. Although the individual lamps do not weigh very much, the number of waste lamps that are collected and recovered in Europe exceeds all other categories of WEEE. The wide range of lamp types requires coordinated recycling processes as well as special collection containers.

With these challenges in mind, EucoLight was founded with the objective of promoting close cooperation between European institutions and trade associations in order to improve the legal framework for the disposal of waste lamps, create conditions that ensure fair competition, promote the development of international standards, create a European perspective and support the association’s members.

EucoLight’s members currently include WEEE systems from a total of 18 EU member states. Lighting Europe, the association of the European lighting industry, is an associated member.

The benefit for our customers

Producers and importers in Austria enjoy fair framework conditions for the fulfilment of their disposal obligations. These framework conditions are increasingly being defined at the European level, which is why we decided to take on an active and leading role in EucoLight in the interests of our customers so as to give more weight to the issue of lamp recycling within the European Commission.