Recycling plant in Kematen/Ybbs

UFH RE-cycling GmbH recycles refrigerators using state-of-the-art technical methods in the Lower Austrian town of Kematen an der Ybbs. Since the plant opened, 2 million refrigerators have been properly treated in the facility’s three-shift operations.

A single refrigerator containing CFCs that is improperly disposed of has a carbon dioxide equivalent of over a tonne. This equals the carbon dioxide emissions of a passenger vehicle for roughly 8,000 kilometres travelled. The refrigerator recycling plant prevents these carbon dioxide emissions. And not only that: Valuable raw materials such as aluminium, iron, copper and plastics are recovered from disused refrigerators.

The high-quality treatment process employed in the recycling plant was also awarded with a certification: UFH RE-cycling GmbH was the first Austrian disposal company to successfully complete the certification process according to the stringent European WEEELABEX standard (WEEE Label of Excellence). It is officially listed as a so-called WEEELABEX Operator for refrigerator treatment in the organisation of the same name. As part of a so-called special performance test and a general audit, a team of international experts visited the recycling plant and evaluated the treatment of 1,000 refrigerators. In addition, a two-day audit had to be passed in which the successful recovery of coolants and expanding agents had to be demonstrated.

UFH RE-cycling GmbH voluntarily underwent this process in addition to the legally required audit. The benefit for UFH’s customers is that they can now be even more certain that their WEEE is treated in accordance with the highest environmental standard available. In addition, this underpins the position of their companies and of Austria as a responsible partner when it comes to environmental protection.

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