Quality system in Austria

UFH – the number one quality system in Austria

UFH has been an exemplary climate protection company in Austria for more than 20 years. As a UFH customer, you can rest assured that your WEEE will be recycled in accordance with the most modern standards. “Waste disposal with a good conscience” is more than an empty slogan, it is a matter of course!

UFH at a glance

This is what makes us the number one service system in Austria:


  1. Number one when it comes to quality: UFH is a competent partner and is the leading provider of collection and recovery solutions for WEEE (including photovoltaic systems) and batteries, refrigerator recycling and packaging disposal.
  2. Close to our customers: You profit from easy-to-handle per-unit fees, fees eligible for a prompt payment discount and UFH’s own online reporting tool. It generates your bill at the press of a button and sends it to you immediately by e-mail.
  3. Recycling at the highest level: UFH RE-cycling GmbH in the Lower Austrian town of Kematen an der Ybbs is one of the most modern refrigerator recycling plants in Europe and was the first Austrian company to be certified according to the European WEEELABEX standard.
  4. Environmental protection first: UFH sets the highest standards for the environmentally friendly and resource-efficient collection and recovery of WEEE.
  5. Strong in Europe: For suppliers with a foreign billing address, we offer an agent model to save small sellers administrative expenses and can assume the function of authorised representative under the Austrian WEEE Ordinance.
  6. Active across Europe: As a founding member and the only Austrian member of the WEEE Forum, UFH is deeply involved in developing and advancing uniform high standards, also at the European level. In addition, UFH is a member of the association for waste lamps, EucoLight. UFH is also a member of WEEE Europe, which offers UFH added value for producers on a cross-border basis and provides access to disposal solutions for WEEE and batteries at the European Level.