UFH is expanding its service range to include photovoltaic (PV) modules along with power storage systems and inverters.

Pursuant to the new WEEE Ordinance (EAG-VO), defective PV modules – along with power storage systems and inverters – must be properly collected and treated. Therefore, UFH is expanding its service range: Defective PV modules can now also be returned to UFH as an authorised collection point.

In this way, UFH covers the entire production chain for photovoltaic systems and ensures proper treatment – in line with its motto “Disposing of waste with a good conscience” – for the following equipment:


  • PV modules
  • Power storage systems
  • Inverters

UFH offers the following services, among others, for PV modules:


  • Reporting to the authorities
  • Registration in the EDM portal (electronic data management, reporting platform operated by the Ministry of Life)
  • Collection points throughout Austria
  • Pickup service for defective PV modules and power storage systems
  • Recovery and environmentally sound disposal

We ensure proper, comprehensive treatment and provide you with detailed information (for example, the take-back requirement for power storage systems applies regardless of the circumstances of how they were placed on the market, their origin, or their chemical composition). As is the case with all WEEE, UFH works with specialists that meet our extremely high standards in the treatment, recovery and disposal of photovoltaic systems.

The Austrian WEEE Ordinance applies to all parties who place WEEE on the market for the first time in Austria: Austrian producers, importers, dealers and installers who import directly from abroad.

What should be done with defective inverters?

Inverters are to be reported as household appliances, which differentiates them from PV modules and power storage systems. If you place inverters on the market, they must be released from the applicable obligations through a collection and recovery system. Therefore, this category of WEEE can be disposed of at the municipal collection points.