Take advantage of our combined solution for WEEE and packaging materials – everything from a single source.

Reclay UFH fulfils your obligations for the disposal of WEEE and packaging materials – from a single source. Most companies that place WEEE on the market also have large volumes of packaging material. Up until now, companies have had to deal with both licensing processes completely separately, resulting in twice the administrative effort and time required.

Companies who commission UFH to handle the collection and recovery of WEEE can now report their packaging volumes in the same step – and vice versa.

Starting immediately, customers of Reclay Austria in the packaging licensing segment can obtain a bid from their existing contact for the disposal of WEEE. In this process, the principle of “one contact for everything” always applies.

Reclay UFH offers the following services, among others, for packaging:


  • Reporting to the authorities
  • Collection points throughout Austria
  • Recovery and environmentally sound disposal

Success with the alternative System for packaging materials

Producers and distributors of WEEE and packaging materials in Austria are legally required to ensure that their products/packaging materials are collected and go through a recovery process.

Reclay UFH GmbH has been the alternative system for commercial packaging since 2010 and will also stir up competition in the household sector when it enters this market starting in 2015. Customers of UFH benefit from the partnership with Reclay through comprehensive service from a single source.


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