Europe-wide disposal solutions

UFH is a member of WEEE Europe and thus offers one-stop solutions for the disposal of WEEE and batteries in 15 European countries.

Through our membership, we support internationally active companies in the electrical and electronics industry with the complex issue of waste recovery. In this way, our customers benefit from having access to disposal solutions for WEEE and batteries at the European level.

The complex, country-specific requirements for the disposal of WEEE and batteries often represent a significant challenge, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. We offer the best disposal solutions from a single source with our Europe-wide service – thanks to our extensive knowledge of the legal framework in Austria and other important European countries. On behalf of our customers, we optimise and simplify the process of fulfilling the various requirements for the disposal of WEEE and batteries in Europe.

About WEEE Europe

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WEEE Europe AG was founded in Munich in 2013. WEEE Europe’s members are the largest and most important disposal systems in Europe. The range of services also includes recovery solutions for batteries.

Unique Reporting Tool for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and Batteries in Europe goes online

During July 2016 WEEE Europe AG in Munich succeeded in bringing an unrivalled, highly innovative international reporting tool to market. The first customers have already signed up for the new service and started using the system.

Manufacturers, Online retailers and Importers (all being “producers” in terms of the European WEEE Directive) who are active in various EU member states and need to fulfil their legal obligation to report volumes of EEE and Batteries are confronted with a large amount of different regulations depending on the related national law.

In particular, it is necessary to allocate all products that are in scope of the WEEE Directive into different local reporting categories, which can be far more than 100 different (sub-) categories depending on the country and Take Back System the producer has a contract with. In this regard there is nothing like a common European market and pan-European analysis of data is difficult

Therefore, WEEE Europe and our shareholders and partners (in Austria it is UFH) were striving from the very beginning to offer a simple and cost-effective solution in a one-stop-shop approach to allow producers to comply with their reporting obligations.

For that purpose an online-tool was developed that significantly simplifies the process of product allocation and in addition allows a unified and simple way of declaring put on the market volumes to all WEEE Europe partners throughout Europe within one unique IT system.

The tool is available for use by companies of any size and is especially useful for online retailers searching for a cost-effective solution to deal with the complexities and challenges of the highly diverse national legislation in Europe they need to deal with.

After an extensive and successful testing phase the tool is now online. Both the WEEE Europe team in Munich as well as contact person at UFH are looking forward to answering your questions and providing all information about the additional services we are able to provide to your company across the EU markets where you are active.