We handle the environmentally friendly disposal of batteries and accumulators.

As the number of electronic devices steadily rises, so too does the number of batteries and accumulators. That is why materials recovery of mobile power sources is one of the key pillars of ecologically sound waste policy today.

The Austrian Batteries Ordinance covers all types of batteries and accumulators regardless of their shape, their weight, their use or whether they are loose or built in. Here are some examples:


  • All kinds of equipment batteries and accumulators, including rechargeable batteries in mobile phones, notebooks and even button cells in PCs or watches
  • Industrial batteries
  • Vehicle

We handle the environmentally friendly disposal of all types of batteries:


  • Reporting to the authorities (required for portable batteries)
  • Collection points throughout Austria
  • Recovery and environmentally sound disposal

As is the case with WEEE, UFH works with specialists that meet our extremely high standards in the treatment, recovery and disposal of batteries. UFH has set up a common collection point for its customers in each of the approximately 100 Austrian districts and can therefore rely on excellent infrastructure even at the collection stage. There are a total of 2,270 municipal collection points where private parties can return batteries at no charge.

High recycling rates

Thanks to well-functioning collection systems and modern processes, extremely high recycling rates of over 80 per cent are now being achieved for waste batteries, regardless of the type of battery. The collection rate is about 50 per cent for batteries sold across Austria every year (about 4,100 tonnes). Waste batteries are never allowed to be discarded as residual waste.

The Austrian Batteries Ordinance applies to all parties who place batteries on the market for the first time in Austria: Austrian producers, importers and dealers who import directly from abroad.

Note: You should follow a few simple rules when collecting lithium ion accumulators: Taping the poles prevents possible self-ignition. Avoid high temperatures and exposure to direct sunlight or moisture.