Authorised representative

You don’t have a billing address in Austria? No problem: As a new service for foreign customers, we can now assume the function of authorised representative as defined in the Austrian WEEE Ordinance (EAG-VO).

For the first time, the amended Austrian WEEE Ordinance clearly regulates how distance sellers who are not domiciled in Austria but who deliver directly to Austrian end consumers can legally fulfil their obligations under the ordinance.

An authorised representative domiciled in Austria must be appointed to take part in the collection and recovery system on behalf of the customer and perform the obligations under the Austrian WEEE Ordinance. This is the only way to also ensure financing for the collection, recovery and disposal of the electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) directly delivered to end consumers by foreign distance sellers.

As an authorised representative, UFH offers the following services, among others, for WEEE:


  • Reporting to the authorities
  • Collection points throughout Austria
  • Pickup service for WEEE
  • Recovery and environmentally sound disposal

Authorised representative for Austrian distance sellers

Conversely, Austrian manufacturers who export EEE from Austria to other EU member states for distribution to end consumers there must also appoint an authorised representative to be responsible for fulfilling the obligations in the relevant member state. In this case, the registration duties at the Austrian EDM Portal will be eliminated.

Authorised representative for foreign producers

Foreign producers who deliver not to end consumers but to Austrian commerce are entitled to (but not obligated to) appoint an authorised representative in Austria to be responsible for fulfilling their obligations.

We offer you our services as an authorised representative and thus fulfil all obligations for the collection and disposal of WEEE in Austria. UFH Group has around 40 employees and is considered an exemplary Austrian company in the field of climate protection. As a collection and recovery system for WEEE, UFH offers comprehensive service from a single source and currently serves 677 customers.